Use ... Instead of ...
Lean meats such as round, sirloin, loin, lean and extra lean ground beef, poultry with skin removed, fish, bean, and grain dishes High-fat meat or regular ground beef
Lean ham or smoked turkey neck Ham hocks, fatback, or pork neck bone
Small amount of vegetable oil or soft "tub" margarine made with liquid vegetable oil Lard, butter, bacon grease, or other fats that harden at room temperature
Turkey bacon, lean ham, Canadian bacon (omit if low sodium diet) Pork bacon
Ground turkey (at least 93% lean) Ground beef or pork, pork sausage
Low fat (1%) or nonfat/skim milk Whole milk
Low fat or part skim cheeses Whole milk cheeses
Evaporated skim milk Cream or evaporated whole milk
Low fat mayonnaise or mustard Regular mayonnaise on sandwiches
Nonfat or low fat dressing, yogurt or low fat mayonnaise Regular mayonnaise in salads
Colorful fruits & vegetables Avocado, olives, croutons as salad garnishes
Low sodium bouillons and broths Regular bouillons, broths
2 egg whites or cup of egg substitute 1 whole egg
3 ripe, very well-mashed bananas cup butter or oil when making quick breads or muffins
3 tablespoons unsweetened baking cocoa 1 ounce unsweetened baking chocolate. If fat is needed, add 1 tablespoon or less of vegetable oil